mongoDB メソッドの一覧を確認する

mongoDB メソッドの一覧を確認する



  • OS CentOS Stream release 9
  • MongoDB 6.0.2





  Database Class:

    getMongo                                   Returns the current database connection
    getName                                    Returns the name of the DB
    getCollectionNames                         Returns an array containing the names of all collections in the current database.
    getCollectionInfos                         Returns an array of documents with collection information, i.e. collection name and options, for the current database.
    runCommand                                 Runs an arbitrary command on the database.
    adminCommand                               Runs an arbitrary command against the admin database.
    aggregate                                  Runs a specified admin/diagnostic pipeline which does not require an underlying collection.
    getSiblingDB                               Returns another database without modifying the db variable in the shell environment.
    getCollection                              Returns a collection or a view object that is functionally equivalent to using the db.<collectionName>.
    dropDatabase                               Removes the current database, deleting the associated data files.
    createUser                                 Creates a new user for the database on which the method is run. db.createUser() returns a duplicate user error if the user already exists on the database.
    updateUser                                 Updates the user’s profile on the database on which you run the method. An update to a field completely replaces the previous field’s values. This includes updates to the user’s roles array.
    changeUserPassword                         Updates a user’s password. Run the method in the database where the user is defined, i.e. the database you created the user.
    logout                                     Ends the current authentication session. This function has no effect if the current session is not authenticated.
    dropUser                                   Removes the user from the current database.
    dropAllUsers                               Removes all users from the current database.
    auth                                       Allows a user to authenticate to the database from within the shell.
    grantRolesToUser                           Grants additional roles to a user.
    revokeRolesFromUser                        Removes a one or more roles from a user on the current database.
    getUser                                    Returns user information for a specified user. Run this method on the user’s database. The user must exist on the database on which the method runs.
    getUsers                                   Returns information for all the users in the database.
    createCollection                           Create new collection
    createView                                 Create new view
    createRole                                 Creates a new role.
    updateRole                                 Updates the role’s profile on the database on which you run the method. An update to a field completely replaces the previous field’s values.
    dropRole                                   Removes the role from the current database.
    dropAllRoles                               Removes all roles from the current database.
    grantRolesToRole                           Grants additional roles to a role.
    revokeRolesFromRole                        Removes a one or more roles from a role on the current database.
    grantPrivilegesToRole                      Grants additional privileges to a role.
    revokePrivilegesFromRole                   Removes a one or more privileges from a role on the current database.
    getRole                                    Returns role information for a specified role. Run this method on the role’s database. The role must exist on the database on which the method runs.
    getRoles                                   Returns information for all the roles in the database.
    currentOp                                  Calls the currentOp command. Returns a document that contains information on in-progress operations for the database instance. The db.currentOp() method wraps the database command currentOp.
    killOp                                     Calls the killOp command. Terminates an operation as specified by the operation ID. To find operations and their corresponding IDs, see $currentOp or db.currentOp().
    shutdownServer                             Calls the shutdown command. Shuts down the current mongod or mongos process cleanly and safely. You must issue the db.shutdownServer() operation against the admin database.
    fsyncLock                                  Calls the fsync command. Forces the mongod to flush all pending write operations to disk and locks the entire mongod instance to prevent additional writes until the user releases the lock with a corresponding db.fsyncUnlock() command.
    fsyncUnlock                                Calls the fsyncUnlock command. Reduces the lock taken by db.fsyncLock() on a mongod instance by 1.
    version                                    returns the db version. uses the buildinfo command
    serverBits                                 returns the db serverBits. uses the buildInfo command
    isMaster                                   Calls the isMaster command
    hello                                      Calls the hello command
    serverBuildInfo                            returns the db serverBuildInfo. uses the buildInfo command
    serverStatus                               returns the server stats. uses the serverStatus command
    stats                                      returns the db stats. uses the dbStats command
    hostInfo                                   Calls the hostInfo command
    serverCmdLineOpts                          returns the db serverCmdLineOpts. uses the getCmdLineOpts command





DB methods:
        db.adminCommand(nameOrDocument) - switches to 'admin' db, and runs command [just calls db.runCommand(...)]
        db.aggregate([pipeline], {options}) - performs a collectionless aggregation on this database; returns a cursor
        db.auth(username, password)
        db.commandHelp(name) returns the help for the command
        db.createView(name, viewOn, [{$operator: {...}}, ...], {viewOptions})
        db.currentOp() displays currently executing operations in the db
        db.eval() - deprecated
        db.fsyncLock() flush data to disk and lock server for backups
        db.fsyncUnlock() unlocks server following a db.fsyncLock()
        db.getCollection(cname) same as db['cname'] or db.cname
        db.getCollectionInfos([filter]) - returns a list that contains the names and options of the db's collections
        db.getLastError() - just returns the err msg string
        db.getLastErrorObj() - return full status object
        db.getMongo() get the server connection object
        db.getMongo().setSecondaryOk() allow queries on a replication secondary server
        db.getProfilingLevel() - deprecated
        db.getProfilingStatus() - returns if profiling is on and slow threshold
        db.getSiblingDB(name) get the db at the same server as this one
        db.getWriteConcern() - returns the write concern used for any operations on this db, inherited from server object if set
        db.hostInfo() get details about the server's host
        db.isMaster() check replica primary status
        db.hello() check replica primary status
        db.killOp(opid) kills the current operation in the db
        db.listCommands() lists all the db commands
        db.loadServerScripts() loads all the scripts in db.system.js
        db.rotateCertificates(message) - rotates certificates, CRLs, and CA files and logs an optional message
        db.runCommand(cmdObj) run a database command.  if cmdObj is a string, turns it into {cmdObj: 1}
        db.setProfilingLevel(level,slowms) 0=off 1=slow 2=all
        db.setVerboseShell(flag) display extra information in shell output
        db.setWriteConcern(<write concern doc>) - sets the write concern for writes to the db
        db.unsetWriteConcern(<write concern doc>) - unsets the write concern for writes to the db
        db.version() current version of the server - opens a change stream cursor for a database to report on all  changes to its non-system collections.